What I’ve earned from this trip

Thanks to my school program I had the opportunity to come to San Francisco to learn about lean startup methodology. We’re not far from the end of our trip, there’s already 2 months that we came here and I learned a lot of things.

First of all I began my studies in a computer science DUT the first year I came in Paris and I was glad to see that we had a digital design class in here because it allowed me to relearn the basics of coding. I am now able again to create a functional website. In an other part, our program allowed us to learn more about 3D printing and that is really amazing ! This is a real innovation and growing concept that will take an important place in the future. People will be able to print a lot of things. For example, they will be able to download and print a plate model if they break one. This class was a good opportunity to learn about it and discover it’s amazing opportunities. Then we also had interesting classes named design thinking and lean startup that helped me to understand how to create and build a business/product based on consumers needs and make the concept interesting for them. There is also digital marketing class. A very interesting one in which I learned how to create and highlight a blog to generate a lot of traffic. I’m sure that all these skills will be important for my future and will help me to stand out about others in my research of work.

Alcatraz-Island-San-Francisco.jpgOn the other hand, we had the chance to get engaged with the American culture and discover San Francisco. This is a really nice city and I was really impressed with the open mindedness ! We can talk to everyone about everything and that is really good to create a network. By cons, I noticed that here, saints products (food) are more expensive than those that damage health and that is a bad point for me. I also discovered Techshops and I think it is a revolutionary concept. Indeed, everyone can register at a Techshop and create everything they want. I think it is a cheap price for what it is. It’s a place where people can access to a lot of professional machines and let their creativity drive them. It is really a place where people can attain their dreams.

But I have a lot of good memories from here, especially when I visited Marshall beach, there is a really nice and peaceful point of view from there and the legendary Alcatraz. I also planned to visit Yosemite before the end of our trip. Next, I hope to have an internship in China or in Japan in order to learn how they work, learn from this part of the world too in order to be the best in the work domain that I will choose.



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