French and American labor

I came in San Francisco thanks to my studies to learn about the lean startup mindset. Coming here made me discover differences between French and american labor. First, we will talk about the specifics of a typical job in France and in San Francisco. Then we will show the differences between the two countries in terms of labor laws and workers’ rights. And I will tell you my opinion about working 60 hours per week in San Francisco as conclusion.

In France as soon as the daily working time reaches six hours, the employee receives a pause of at least twenty minutes. During the same week, working time may not exceed 35 hours. In exceptional circumstances, some companies may be permitted to exceed to 48 hours per week. The minimum wage in France is 1457.52 euros gross. Employees must have health insurance and also have the right to strike for their work conditions.


In San Francisco, people usually work 40 hours from Monday to Friday however it depends on the kind ow work. They sometimes work at night and can are used to work 60 hours per week because there are a lote of startups getting creating in this very dynamic area so people often work additional hours. Most companies offer two weeks of paid vacation per year. Employees also have the ability to get sick, but this could be deducted from their vacation time.

Indeed, we can see that people work 5hours more per week in San Francisco than in France, but those ones are able and used to work 60 hours per week. Then in san francisco, people often change jobs. Companies are willing to have the best employees possible this is why there is such a turnover, they hire employees periodically to find the best one. These are the same occasion that able people o take the experience in many areas. While in France people prefer keep a job a long in order to be promoted.


About the salary, French people are enjoying minimum wage named SMIC of € 9.6/hours, whereas America’s minimum average wage is $7.5/hours. Then income per month is $3,285/month in San Francisco and €2,875/month in France. Moreover, In France, certain benefits are provided as a canteen, tickets restaurants, nursery for children whereas San Francisco provides more a pleasant, inspiring workplace with a great atmosphere.

Finally, I think that if I had the chance, I would like to work in San Francisco even if I had to work 60 hours per week. First of all, because a lot of people create their companies, so they work for something they really like or put interest in and I don’t think I would mind working more for something that stimulates me. Then I think that there is a good atmosphere here to work, people are really open minded and there is a lot to learn and gain from each other.


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