The Golden Gate bridge

Hey everybody,

I’m actually in San Francisco and I just wanted to share with you my experience of this wonderful city. Let’s start with the well known Golden Gate bridge which was the longest bridge in the world from the end of it’s construction (1937) to 1964, recognizable by it’s orange color.


If you’re a sport amateur, you can rent a bike like some friends and I did in North Beach. You will be able to take a ride through San Francisco bay, there are some pretty amazing landscapes, you will see people at the beach, people dancing, laughing, you will feel a real atmosphere of happiness. And if you ever want to talk to these people just go ahead, every one is open minded and will answer you !

Then you will be near the bridge.. Don’t think I said “if you’re a sport amateur” in first place for nothing haha ! Because there are a lot of slopes. Your legs will have their daily exercise for sure. But you will be rewarded by crossing this monument. The bridge is composed of two pillars where you will have the opportunity to take some unique photos and travel through time.

And if you ever decide to get little higher after having crossed the bridge you’ll be able to see one of the most amazing views of your life ! I won’t hide that it will be a little difficult to climb but trust me it’s really worth it.

Then, I know that after all that effort, tiredness will be present. So if you don’t feel like going back with bikes you can just take the ferry not far from there. It won’t be long and people are friendly.

San Francisco is a very great place, you won’t forgive yourself of not having crossed the Golden Gate bridge if you go there haha. Trust me you won’t regret it !



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